Virtual Learning                                                                     

The philosophy behind our virtual learning space is that while in many ways it is a place holder, it is also an opportunity.  Our teachers know that Zoom teaching requires a different kind of listening.  We know that rather than your kids coming into our classrooms, we are visiting you in your home.  And that is a different kind of listening.  We are honored that you welcome us in.


We use zoom as our platform for VIrtual Learning and performing. We partner this with the technology available to create experiences.  We use music in our virtual classrooms while we are making art when we are warming up our bodies.  We use our virtual backgrounds as sets in our productions.  We make use of breakout rooms for scene partners to rehearse one on one.  While we once in a while will use the screen sharing capabilities, we try not to, because we want to see and hear everyone who is in our class.  To that end, we also limit our theater classes online to 10 children.  So we can see all of them, and pay attention to where they are.

As of August 2021:  We are watching the virus carefully.  As our collective situation changes, we will adapt and add virtual options if need be.  We prefer the in-person connection when making theater, but want to keep everyone comfortable and safe.  If your family or pod is looking for a virtual option, please reach out here.