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This is the heroic and true story of children coming of age in Terezin, the "Jewish city" established by the Nazis near Prague as a way station before the death camps. In the face of unspeakable horror, these children use their determination and creativity to build lives filled with hope and beauty -- playing, studying, making art, and writing an underground newspaper -- all at the peril of being executed. Their actual poems and stories are woven into a fast-paced drama, evoking the universality of children caught in the insanity of war.


Cast List: (in order of appearance)

Pavel:  Henry Hoffman

Erik: Kiran Roye

Miroslav: Cavan Brouder

Alena: Kenzie Dono

Jana: Sofia Kringas

Nina: Khadija Mostafa

Eva: Rowan Krupp Foshay

Gabriella: Elena Prisament

Martin: Dylan Alter

 Snow White
by Marjorie Sokoloff

The Witch was the fairest one of all first, and she will not be silenced any longer! This updated version of the classic story unveils the villain's perspective, from her tragic childhood to her quest for revenge. So how did the story really go? Join all seven quirky dwarves, a tongue-tied prince, a sassy mirror, a dancing chicken, and of course Snow White, in a tale about beauty, friendship, and happily-ever-afters with a twist.

Narrator:                                    Lilah Prosperino

Actress/Witch/Queen/Old Woman Lila Fenimore

Actress 2 -                                 Aisla Greene

Actor 1:                                     Olivia Herko

Actor 2:                                     Ava Grace Oddo

Mirror:                                       Samuel Palevski

King:                                         Mateo Hess

Handsome/Prince:                Jonathan Davanzo

Snow White:                            Kiera Bisnauth

Chicken:                                    Jackson Joyce

Doofy:                                       Alex Tapia

Gesundheit:                             Eamon Ragan

Gleeful:                                     Ashley Chalco

Teach:                                       Declan Ragan

TImid:                                        Carly Mattiace

Snoozy:                                     Esme Irons

Grumpy:                                    Harry Shackney


Trees + Ensemble

Sushi Mostafa (+Tree 2)

Jillian Braun (+ Tree 3)

Willow Hicks

CJ Lotierzo