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The Handless Maiden 
by Jeremy Dobrish
Directed by Jessica Irons
Designed by Andrew Irons
Featuring Theater O Highschool Actors:
Dylan Alter
Cavan Brouder
Will Flahaven
Jacob Irons
Sofia Kringas
Ciara Moyer
Anisa Ridenhour
Kiran Roye

Loosely based on a Grimm fairy tale, THE HANDLESS MAIDEN weaves together three stories, that of a miller and his wife who have fallen on hard times and whose story includes devils, wizards, and cross-country treks; that of an ambitious New York lawyer who decides to give it all up and travel to Seattle to see Bill Gates' mansion, her magic castle; and that of a man who is about to be married in Seattle but decides he must first see an old lover. Their stories ultimately converge in an enchanted diner.

Poster Art by Esme Lily Irons