The excitement, maneuvers and comedy of the Paul Newman/Robert Redford screen triumph have been brilliantly adapted for stage production by one of the finest professional playwrights writing today. This show takes place in Chicago many years ago in a world of small-time hustlers and their girls—their money nonexistent but their ingenuity abundant. Johnny Hooker (a small-time grifter played by Redford in the film) joins a friend in a successful con of a "runner." Unfortunately for them, the runner works for a powerful, vindictive rackets boss, Doyle Lonnegan, who is infuriated and arranges the killing of Johnny's friend. Hoping to avenge this senseless murder, Johnny enlists the aid of the master con man Henry Gondorf (originally played by Newman). Together they decide to try the big con called "The Wire." Structured in classic style, their first move is "The Set Up." From there they proceed to "The Tale." The tension mounts as they succeed and, with the powerful Lonnegan half-hooked, go on to "The Shut Out." The excitement becomes explosive and a final scene, with switch upon switch upon switch, has your audience guessing and gasping as it builds to the final con movement, "The Sting!" This is a wonderfully theatrical and yet authentic exploration of a very special world. Text 

Thank you for signing up to audition for THE STING.  

A couple of things to know.  We are casting with a gender-blind eye.  We will assign you a side, but please know you are auditioning for all roles.  If there is a side you want to read, please let us know.  

Many people will be cast in multiple roles, it is part of the fun of the play.  We are not reading for every role in the script (There are over 50!).

Here are the links to the sides and the script in its entirety.

Sting Script Part 1

Sting Script Part 2

Sting Script Part 3

Mrs. Hastings Mrs. Vanderkieft (Billie)

Crystal Hooker

Luther Hooker


Gondorf Hooker

Twist Countess

Lonnegan Hooker

Loretta Hooker

How to prepare for your audition:

You do not need to memorize the side.  Be familiar with the text.  

When you arrive, you will sign in and we will call you to come into the studio to audition.  There will be a reader, who will read opposite you.  

Jessica will likely give you an adjustment and ask you to do part of the scene again.  This is not a judgement on how you just performed, this is part of the process, seeing how the director and actors communicate.  

We are looking to play with the 1930s style, so by all means watch some black and white movies and play with the style!  

Most important:  Have Fun!