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Learning Social Skills through Theater                                                      Register Here for the 2019 Fall Social Skills Class

Theater O's Learning Social Skills Through Theater Class will start back up again on September 16, 2019.

Join Improv teacher, Julie Griffin and Speech Pathologist Arrington Carr for Learning Social Skills Through Theater. 

Theater O's Learning Social Skills Through Theater classes provide opportunities for students to further social and emotional growth through dramatic play. The class teaches learning skills such as turn taking, listening to peers, means of being heard and collaboration while exploring thoughts, wants and feelings in a well-supported and open environment that is accessible to students with a variety of learning needs and styles.

Students are supported as needed and given verbal praise and reinforcement for demonstrating positive social behaviors throughout all activities.

They participate in improv games and structured activities where the students receive support in using turn taking skills and language, listening skills, social thinking, appropriate responding,flexibility, cooperative play and collaboration with their peers. Students are then given the opportunity to practice these skills in an authentic activity through the planning and organization of brief student directed stories and role-playing. With the help of costumes and props, they take turns directing their own stories and/or play out someone else's story. The class is not an overt discussion of appropriate behaviors, but rather a forum for students to engage in emotional intelligence building.

"My daughter participated in the social skills through theater group at Theater O from the time she was 9 until she was 13. It was an invaluable experience for her. She learned to listen carefully to others, take turns, use her imagination and her expressive language to express ideas have fun while doing it. Julie and Arrington know how to bring out the best in the children and to make them feel confident and safe. I highly recommend the class, it is a fun, creative way for children to expand their social and language skills."
-Jennifer Fox

Fall 2019 Classes begin September 16