Theater O Classes                                                                    
Each class curriculum was specifically crafted for age and experience levels. These curricula were developed in coordination with one another to ensure students will be challenged from one class to the next. While instructors will use different methods and techniques to advance the students, there is a common progression in place. 

The classes at Theater O prepare students for production.  To that end, the semesters are broken up.  While the middle school rehearses a play, elementary students are in class, and vice versa.  Sixth-grade students may choose between middle school and elementary programming.  Our high school program meets on Sundays and rehearses in January.  Making theater is a committment.  We have separated production time and class time to ensure that committment is not overwhelming.

Registration for Fall/Winter 2018 opens June 17, 2018.  Early Bird prices are valid through August 1, 2018.  

Please note: For all Fall/Winter 2018 Programs, we are switching to a new registration system. If you already have an account with us, use the email you always have to login. Then, click forgot my password. Please take a moment to check that all the information in your account is correct.

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