Theater O Classes                                                                    
Each class curriculum was specifically crafted for age and experience levels. These curricula were developed in coordination with one another to ensure students will be challenged from one class to the next. While instructors will use different methods and techniques to advance the students, there is a common progression in place.

For the most part, our classes are divided by grade. Sixth-grade students may choose between Elementary classes and Middle School classes.  Productions are by audition and company membership is by invitation.  

Fall 2020                                                                                           

We are changing our curriculum up a bit this fall.  While we really value the skill sets that each of our classes concentrates on, we feel that in this moment, the idea that theater is an all-encompassing art form is valuable to our students.  More than ever, seeing how all the dots connect and make a bigger picture, helps.  Rather than have them concentrate on one piece of the whole picture, we feel it will be more beneficial for them to experience all aspects of theater in one class.  

We will be offering Theater Arts classes to each age group both virtually and socially distanced outdoors. 

The Theater Arts Class will offer sessions in acting, improv, playwriting, design, directing and puppetry.  Every child will have their own art kit, and we will have age-appropriate design projects and build puppets.  The projects will vary by age.  Participants will also hone performance skills, working on acting scenes and playing improv games, as well as writing their own monologues and performing them.  Because singing synchronously online is impossible and singing in person is not safe, we are suspending the musical theater portion of our curriculum.  

We will also continue to offer Fairy Tale Theater (see description below) for our Pre-K - K aged students.

Check out the class descriptions here.