Thank you for signing up for an audition.  You should have received an email telling you which role you will read for.  Please know that you are being considered for all roles. You will notice, that not all roles in the play have a side.  If you really want to read for a character that doesn't have a side, let us know.  Please know that many of the roles, in both plays can switch genders.  You should play the role in the manner that is most comfortable for you.  Auditioning should be fun!  The people who will be in the audition space with you will be Jessica, the director and a reader, who will read all the roles you aren't reading.  Jessica will likely give you an adjustment.  It is important to know that this isn't a critique of what you bring into the audition, but more a way of figuring out how best to communicate with you as an actor.  Below you will find the full script with sides as well as the individual sides.  Have fun!  Click on the title of the play if you wish to read the whole thing.  The sides are listed separately.  You don't need to be fully memorized, but you should be familiar with the material.  Not all characters in each play have sides, but again you are being considered for all roles.