By Adam Szymkowicz

Welcome to Colchester, a small town where everybody knows each other and the pace of life allows the pursuit of love to take up as much space as it needs. Our tour guide is Suzanne, the town photographer, who lets us peek into her neighbors’ lives to catch glimpses of romance in all its stages of development. A play about love, nostalgia, the seasons and how we learn to say goodbye.

Auditioning at Theater O:

Kodachrome is open to actors in high school;Please sign up HERE for an audition slot on 12/8. If you can't make these times, please email us HERE and we can set something else up. 

Slots are 10 minutes.  Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out our audition forms.

Once you have signed up we will email you the name of the character you will read for and a script with sides.  

Sides are the section of the script that you will be asked to read from for your audition. You do not need to memorize the sides, but you should be familiar with the text, have made clear choices about the character's wants and actions.  Reading the entire script is a good idea.  If there is another character you would like to audition for, please let us know HERE!  Everyone is being considered for all roles.  Once you are in the audition room, you will read your side with a reader while Jessica, the director, watches.  Jessica will likely give you an adjustment and have you read the scene again.  This is in no way a reflection of your performance, just a way to figure out the actor/director dynamic.   Please note, our intention is to have actors play several roles in this production, with the exception of the person who plays Suzanne.  

If cast, the cost to participate is $600 .  For those enrolled in our High School Program, the cost is $400.  Rehearsals begin January 6 and are Tuesdays-Thursdays 6:30-8:30 and some Saturday afternoons.  Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal.  Rehearsals are at Theater O.  Tech rehearsals begin Sunday, February 2 at Bethany Arts Community.   Tech/Dress rehearsals will be held February 2-5 at Bethany and are mandatory.  


THE PHOTOGRAPHER, Suzanne, female, 




THE MYSTERY NOVELIST, Georgette, female, 

MARJORIE, female, 

THE YOUNG MAN, Robert, male, 

THE YOUNG WOMAN, Florence, female,

FRIEND, female, early 



THE LIBRARIAN, Renee, female, 

THE WAITRESS, Jen, female, 

THE PERFUME MAKER, Martin, male, 

THE POLICEMAN, Pete, male, 

THE FLORIST, Heather, female.