UPCOMING AUDITIONS :  AUDITIONS FOR FALL 2020 will be posted shortly.  Watch this space.  

This collection of funny, sweet, silly, poignant and stylistically diverse short plays from New York favorite Adam Szymkowicz has something for everyone. From the awkwardness of asking out a pizza store clerk (Ambience Pizza), to a campy infidelity revenge comedy (Film Noir), to the couple destined to be together no matter the obstacles (John and April), this collection explores heart, grief, pain, and humor as the plays dance around the eternal human theme of love.

For High School Aged Actors

Auditions are 6/3 from 6:30-8:30 in 10 minute slots on zoom.

If this is not a convienient time, we will do our best to figure out another slot.  

Rehearsals begin 6/13 and are M-F.  Not everyone is called every day.  Performance will be live-streamed July 1.  To sign up go here.

When musical prodigy Meg Meadows accidentally drops an air-conditioning unit out of her window, crushing someone on the street below, she loses the ability to hear music. Meanwhile, after Keb's brother is killed by a falling air-conditioner in the middle of their street-dance routine, Keb loses his grasp of language and begins speaking gibberish. Meanwhile, Emily Piper, in a fit of rage, accidentally throws a javelin over a mountain range. Meanwhile, Herman, on a stroll in the woods, is suddenly nailed to a tree by a flying javelin. Paramedics say he'll be fine, but he's going to have to spend the rest of his life nailed to his tree. Lives and stories collide to create a truly unique and mesmerizing tale.

Rehearsals begin June 7.  Performance is June 27.  Rehearsals are M-F, not everyone is called to every rehearsal.  Sign up for audition slot here.